"Where Every Mission Counts"

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The Virtual Coast Guard was formed in 2011 with the notion of bringing a strict realism based aviation group to the Flight Simulator Community. After hundreds of hours of training and missions the Virtual Coast Guard far exceeded the Admiral's expectation, with upwards of twenty active pilots and a long list of  the Virtual Coast Guard applicants members were excited to be apart of such a fantastic diverse group of simulated/real world pilots. With the demise of Gamespy in late 2012 the Virtual Coast Guard was forced to look at alternative recruiting options as Gamespy was the primary source of recruitment due to our twenty-four hour flight server. About a year later the Virtual Coast Guard decided to close it's doors, they saved their last person with a Coast Guard Flight out of Astoria Oregon in late August 2013. It was challenging for all the pilots who have become like family to depart and move on to bigger and brighter pastures, although some stuck around most moved on. 

Well almost a year later and those pilots are wanting more realism and more Coast Guard missions and flights. So this time the Virtual Coast Guard will be returning to the skies of Prepar3d V4.1 and will be utilizing the VATSIM Network for some of it's flight operations, and it's private server for training operations. Joining the Virtual Coast Guard isn't like joining another VA, you're joining a brother/sister hood of aviation enthusiast; so if you're ready for the next challenge sign up or check us out. 

Helicopter Pilot:

As a Helicopter pilot for the Virtual Coast Guard you are the primary source of search and rescues. You'll be trained in the various Rotorcraft that the Virtual Coast Guard has to offer ranging from the Bell 206B Jet Ranger to the HH-60 Jayhawk. You will be called upon for challenging roles such as:

- Disaster Relief

- Search and Rescue 
- Maritime law / Enforcement
- Border Inspection / Coastal Security
- Defense Readiness
- Ice Operations
- Oil Rig Operations, and much much more

Piloting a helicopter is a challenge in the real world, its a greater challenge in MS Flight Simulator X. Are you ready to take next the challenge?, if so visit the recruitment page and sign up today.

Fixed-Wing Pilot:

As a Fixed-wing pilot of the Virtual Coast Guard your job is just as important as a helicopter pilot, although airplanes cannot hover you do have the primary role of orbiting rescue scenes, conducting longer and further grid patterns, maintaining safe communication with sector controllers and Coast Guard Assets. You also provide an overhead view of the search area as it takes place. Your job varies through such roles as: 

- Disaster Relief

- Search and Rescue
- Heavy lift / Transportation
- Executive lift
- Pre-Rescue search

- Ice Operations

- Coastal Security and much much more

You will first be trained in a smaller turbo prop aircraft, and are required to be familiar with the King Air. As you progress through training you could and will have the option of flying the mighty C-130 Hercules. Are you ready to take next the challenge?, if so visit the recruitment page and sign up today. 

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