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Recruitment Process:

The application for admission into the Virtual Coast Guard details very specific requirements and guidelines that must be adhered to. Should ANY and ALL elements of these inquiries be omitted or otherwise lacking in satisfaction the applicant will not be considered for admittance (but may be considered for reapplying upon command staff request and authorization).

            Accepted applicants, upon receipt of their status through email, will be asked to attend a candidacy meeting with the command staff as well as other members (to be determined) with inquiries or other prevarications regarding the candidate or candidate’s application. The candidate will then receive a training manual (pending on the outcome of the candidacy meeting to have been held formerly) which will list in detail the training requirements from the first lesson to the checkride with their chosen (or assigned) field of study (fixed wing/rotorcraft). Based on all the information given within this time, the candidate will have one week to decide whether to remain a candidate and proceed with the training process. This decision must be sent to the Virtual Coast Guard through email to ensure receipt. If no response is given by 23:59 (local time of candidate) on the seventh day, the candidate will removed from the roster and must reapply to be reconsidered. Should the candidate choose to proceed, he/she will be assigned an O.C.S. number and may begin training.

You must have a legal working copy of Prepar3d V4.1 in order to apply. 

Thank you for your interest in the Virtual Coast Guard, please be patient and monitor your email account while we process your application.

Virtual Coast Guard

Teamspeak: VCG.mainvoice.net

Twitter: @VCGFSX

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Virtualcoastguard
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The application process:

Phase one: Submit an application and join Teamspeak 3 Server

Phase two: If your application is approved you will be invited to take an introduction flight with a member. 

Phase three: Introduction flight with default or purchased aircraft (purchased aircraft that the VCG use, as long as applicant has purchased said aircraft). 

Phase four: If you successfully passed your introduction flight you will be invited to take the entrance exam. 

Phase five: If you successfully pass the entrance exam you will be invited to member interviews. 

Phase six:  If you successfully pass member interviews, you will be invited phase seven. 

Phase seven: Interviews with the Command Staff. 

Phase eight: If you successfully passed command staff interviews you will be invited to join us on phase nine.  

Phase nine: If you have successfully passed all phases of the you will be invited to join our training program. 

Phase ten: Training program

If you need a VATSIM ID please click above, please be sure you read ALL of the VATSIM rules and regulations.